COVID-19 info

All COVID protocols set by the BC College of Massage Therapists and the Provincial Health Organization continue to be in place to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus known as COVID 19. If you need a refresher on some of the key points, please read on…

  • Physical distancing measures: I will be allowing additional time between appointments, asking you to arrive on time not early/late and asking that if you arrive early, you wait outside the clinic (or in your vehicle) until I invite you in. 
  • Sanitation: I will have hand sanitizers and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available for clients, and will ask that you wash or sanitize your hands before and after your visit. I will be thoroughly disinfecting all treatment equipment and touchable surfaces between each appointment. 
  • Masks: A mask may be worn inside the clinic. I may be wearing one too.
  • Touchless payments: Please pay via e-Transfer to
  • Informed consent: Informed consent is required for treatment. An essential step, informed consent means you understand that massage therapy treatment involves some risk of Covid-19 transmission. I am following protocols to help reduce or mitigate risk where possible, but that risk cannot be reduced to zero. All clients must consent to the treatment despite this risk; and have your consent documented. Please allow yourself a few minutes to read through and discuss the updated form before signing. 
  • If you are sick or have come into direct contact with someone who has been ill, please cancel or reschedule your appointment with as much notice as possible. If you appear to be ill when you arrive, your appointment will be cancelled.
  • My vaccination status: I received my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on June 17, 2021, boosters December 28th 2021 and September 29th 2022.

I know you may have questions that I haven’t answered here. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions at all about the safety protocols, my personal health or isolation status, or any measures you would like me to consider taking for your safety and wellbeing. I am happy to share this information with you and encourage open questions. 

If you are in a higher-risk category, please take care in considering whether to book a massage or not. I am available to discuss alternatives to massage therapy, talk through other options, or simply postpone care until a later date. Your health and safety come first

Stay safe, be kind and be well! 

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