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“Margaret has a calm presence and incredible skills, but the thing that amazes me most about her is the sense of attentive joy she brings to the therapeutic process. I don’t go to her for fun, but it almost feels that way. This comes, I think, of her being such an excellent listener. She casts herself inside the patient’s skin, seeking not only to understand what’s going on with us physically but to perceive it as we do. It’s a rare gift; she’s a true healer.” A.D.

“I have been seeing Margaret for massage therapy for the last few years.  She is a true healer – her appointments start with deep listening, she checks in with me about the treatment she plans to offer and then she provides some of the most powerful treatment I’ve ever received.  While Margaret’s knowledge of the body is thorough and her skill in a variety of massage therapy techniques is broad, I appreciate that she doesn’t feel limited to any particular practice but adapts her treatment to my individual needs.  I have had Margaret’s treatments when I’ve had physical pain, I’ve had treatments when I’ve been in emotional pain, and I’ve seen her when things are going just fine.  Every single time has been transformative, helpful, and healing.  I highly recommend Margaret to anyone seeking a full body and soul healing experience.” L.C.

“Margaret is a gifted massage therapist and a wonderful person. I have had chronic lower back problems for many years, and have been going to Margaret every month for the past year. My mother Laura also sees Margaret and recommended to me to go see her! My back has never been better!  I absolutely value Margaret’s knowledge, good hands and sensitivity to work with my body to sort out my back issues. I truly recommend her service!” L.S.

“When I first met Margaret was to ask her help for my chronic back pain from a car accident. My back is not normal, very sensitive, frequently painful, and a lot of kind of treatments would introduce more pain. However, Craniosacral Massage Therapy which Margaret has been providing me is not only so gentle and non-invasive for the injured areas, but it is so powerful and helpful for the healing, recovery, whole body well-being. I am thankful to Margaret’s excellent skills and appreciate her wonderful and thoughtful personality.” B.D

“Margaret is an intuitive healer. Her knowledge of body, mind, and spirit vast and massage therapy techniques powerful. She listens opening and listens intently. A wonderful guide on the journey to optimum health and wellness!” F.P.

“I feel that finding Margaret has been a gift.  She has a gentle, grounding presence, which helps to create a relaxing and therapeutic space for my sessions.  She is explains what she is about to do, knows how to get in and release the tension/scar tissue, and wants to hear from me how things are working.  I highly recommend her! ” C.S.

“Working with Margaret has been a great way to learn more about my body and to become more aware of the good and bad habits I have. We always discuss what I’ve been feeling, how I felt after my previous treatment, and anything that I may have discussed with my physiotherapist. The treatments are (wonderfully!) not tortuously painful like some other types of massage and I’m always surprised how quickly an hour-long session goes by. I have recommended Margaret to several of my friends and family, and will continue to do so.” S.H.

“After being massaged by Margaret for several months, I have to say that other massages do not come close to Margaret’s.  Margaret has built a relationship with me, my body and my needs.  Each massage moves deeper and deeper into my personal needs.  Margaret searches to understand the many layers of my being and this makes her an incredible healer.  Her intuitive abilities, listening skills and ability to skillfully move into a sensitive area effectively are qualities that stand out in her work.  Margaret is masterful in her work. ” F.S.

“Margaret has been a wonderful caring therapist who has helped me immensely. Her knowledge and strategies have enable her to provide therapeutic healing sessions. She is a gift to her profession.”

M arvelous
A wesome
R esponsible
G enuine
A lert
R eliable
E volving
T alented

B alanced
A ctive
C aring
O rganized
N (kn)owledgeable
– D.S.

“Simply put Margaret is a healing partner. Which, from my experience, is not simple or common. What makes her unique is that she creates the space for healing to occur by fully engaging me in the process. Into each of our sessions she offers her wisdom, experience, and expertise as registered massage therapist, yogi, and impassioned learner. During every visit Margaret gives me practical exercises and homework that alleviates my pain and always grounds her requests in physiology, anatomy, and neuroscience.

“I once asked Margaret what she does and she replied, ‘I put you back into your body.’ Today with my head, heart, and body realigned my pain is under control and I am back in my life. Priceless, Margaret is such an amazing gift. My advice is to make an appointment today and create the space in your life for Margaret’s talents as a healer.” Z.K.

“Margaret is one of those people who is so full of love that it just exudes from every part of her being.  She is genuinely passionate about helping people and it comes through in her work.  As an RMT, she possesses the unique combination of both a strong technical understanding of how the body works and an intuitive ability to use her hands to feel out the state of a body.  Over my time with her, I’ve come to think of her as both a friend and an amazing resource for exploring and understanding my body.” Y.F.

“Margaret is a born healer.  She believes in the body’s ability to heal and facilitates this through her massage practice.  Margaret turns therapy into an art form.  Her warm and friendly personality instantly creates a sense of safety and trust, and I always feel accepted just as I am.  With her, I feel that I am not perceived simply as just another client or a body, but as a living, breathing person with feelings and needs.  My comfort and healing are her priorities during our sessions.  I feel that she listens carefully to my needs, and creates a massage session tailored specifically for me, in whatever state I happen to arrive.  She is ready to give advice and home-care ideas when asked.  I have sought Margaret’s help for anxiety, chronic muscle tension due to stress, for relief from muscle pain after activity, to encourage my body to find a healthy posture, to re-energize my body when it is feeling sluggish, and to ground and relax me when I’m feeling overwhelmed.   Due to her wisdom and expertise, Margaret always knows the perfect technique to address any concern.  After each session, I feel more connected to myself, more relaxed, soothed, and certainly very loved.  I am grateful for having Margaret there to help me along on my journey through healing and through life.”  M.G.

“I first met Margaret during my treatment for cancer. Margaret was part of a non-profit relaxation program that provided holistic care to compliment conventional medicine, for people living with, or overcoming, cancer. This was my first experience of Margaret’s healing touch. Almost two years later our paths cross again. When I sought help for an old recurring sports hip/knee problem, I was recommended a massage therapist who coincidentally turned out to be Margaret! Margaret’s work emphasizes how the spirit and mind relate to the physical body. With Margaret’s guidance I was able to alleviate the tightness in my hips and subsequently, heal the pains in my knee.” P.L.

“Margaret is an exceptionally sensitive and gifted practitioner. I come away from our sessions feeling supported, healed, comforted and witnessed.” M.S.

“Although I have only known you for less than a year I have a better and more honest relationship with you than with my GP whom I have known for ten years. You seem to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body and are able to use that info in positive way. I especially appreciate the gusto that you exude at work. At my last appointment when I was describing my shoulder ailment you tossed your clipboard and pen and dove right into hands on healing. The results have been amazing and I look forward to my next appointment.” B.P.

“I used to believe in “no pain, no gain” as a maxim for life in general. Margaret’s approach has taught me that through relaxation and gentle encouragement, my body has the power to restore and rejuvenate itself.” L.B.

“Being a private person, I never thought I wanted to try massage, but Margaret’s professionalism and ability to explain everything that was happening, allowed me to  relax and heal. I will be back!” B.B.

“I took a 12 year old friend to see Margaret. My friend had been through severe trauma, her body had been hurting all over for weeks, and nothing had so far helped. After her session, my friend was smiling – a rare sight in that time – and she said ‘I feel light’. I could see that my friend was experiencing some much-needed relief from her physical pain – no small thing when one’s world has just collapsed. But even more than that, my friend really did seem like she was feeling light. As my friend moves through the ups and downs of life, I know she will always have that session with Margaret to remind her that no matter what, there will always be someone there who is kind and who can help her feel light.” K.S.

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